Battlefield 3 ‘Back to Karkand’ DLC dated for December 6 on PS3, December 13 on PC/360

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It looks like PlayStation 3 purchasers of Battlefield 3 will be able to laud it over the rest of us Battlefield 3 fans on the PC and Xbox 360 for a week, as EA has announced when each platform can expect to see the Back to Karkand expansion for Battlefield 3. The company has stated that December 6th is the date that PlayStation 3 owners will receive it, while PC and Xbox 360 owners will be able to obtain it on December 13th.

This downloadable content will be free for anyone who purchased the game early, but will cost $15 or 1200 MSP if you chose not too. The package will contain a number of new additions to the game, including ten new weapons, an assignment system, conquest assault mode, the VSTOL fighter jet, Desert Buggy, and APC vehicles and of course the Wake Island, Sharqi Peninsula, Gulf of Oman, and Strike at Karkand online maps.

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