Australia refuses classification for Syndicate

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It seems that our Australian friends will not have a chance to try out Starbreeze’s take on the Bullfrog property Syndicate. The reason for this is because the ratings board for Australia has been refused classification which means that it has been banned from being sold in stores altogether. You can find the statement here which was posted up today.

Unfortunately the Classification Board of Australia does not go into detail as to what was so inappropriate for Australian consumers and EA has yet to make a statement themselves, though we can expect to hear something from the company within the next week or so. Still, this may not be a death sentence for EA’s Syndicate, as they could either appeal the decision or censor the title’s offensive content to try and remove the offensive content.

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  • Anonymous

    I knew this was going to happen from the day I played a bit of it – I think I even asked if they were worried about it at all and no one seemed to be. It is pretty brutal ripping the chips out of peoples heads, and some of the other weapons and ‘execution’ type kills are probably not helping.

    • Anonymous

      Its a video game .. why do these idiots have to do this.. all they have to do is allow 18+ and then GROWN UPS with ID’s will be allowed to buy the game, why dont they do this with movies ?  The government allow parents to watch scary and gory movies with their kids but then when it comes to video games its not allowed.  This country really needs to GROW UP

  • Anonymous

    I, for one, think it’s great that someone’s out there to protect out kids! There’s no place for such unadulterated violence in our media!
    When my son watches Kill Bill, there are lessons he learns from the movie. But I know that if I let him play one of these silly games, he’ll go out and shoot up a shopping mall. All video games should be banned!

    (Irony, it is intended)


    • Anonymous

      Agreed FFS

  • Darrenresnekov

    its not suprising when you have people like Stephen Conroy and his brainless idealogies acting on behalf of you

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