WWE 12 Director responds to Glitches

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WWE 12
was released earlier this week on the 22nd and after 4 days, reports have been flooding the internet of a level of in game glitches not seen since the infamous Superman 64. With glitches that make the game near unplayable in most cases it was only a matter of time before fans took to twitter to adress WWE 12 director Cory Ledesma.

Ledesma has since responded to fan tweets urging WWE 12 players to make light of this unprecented level of bugs in a WWE video-game. Not only does his comments undermine the severity of the situation, but they also pass these troubling glitches off as being acceptable for a full priced retail release.

It only takes one look at youtube to see the severity of these glitches, while they may be humourous they also are damaging to the game itself. Some glitches encountered are characters sliding out of the entire area, getting weapons stuck inside of them and general rag-doll animation. But hey, if you ever wanted to see Rey Mysterio inside of another man, you can now thanks to WWE 12.

After all of these years there is literally no excuse for a game that is this glitchy. So Cory Ledesma, instead of “being cool about it” how about when it comes to WWE 13, you actually finish making the game before asking people to pay full retail price for it?

Special thanks to TheGamersFC for the John Morrison glitch video.

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