I have something I’d like to confess. This isn’t something I’m proud of, nor is it something that I feel comfortable broadcasting, but… I am now the owner of a Kinect.

But why, you ask. Why a Kinect, Jessica? You don’t have any young children under your care, and you have never really taken an interest in jumping around in your living room like a weirdo while having secret pictures taken by the Kinect that Microsoft probably hoards so they can laugh at people. So why did you buy one?

Well, firstly, I got it for cheap. It was a ‘preowned’ one that was on sale. So there’s that. And secondly, as much as no one likes to admit, those games are fun. There’s a reason that people crack up laughing while playing Kinect, and it’s cos you’ve basically let go of all your dignity and are open to pretty much anything happening.

Kinect games don’t require concentration, they don’t need you to make split-second decisions. You’re pretty much just jumping and waving your arms around like a douche. But a douche having fun.

There’s an innocence with the Kinect, you basically regress to a state before you smacked hoes and shot invading forces. It’s like the Wii, but even more so. With the Wii you can regress, but you can do so sitting down and you can also pretend like you’re too much of a cool dude for this stuff. With Kinect you have to be up in front of it and if you don’t put all your effort into it you’re just going to look sillier.

So, why did I buy a Kinect? Cos it’s freaking fun and gaming shouldn’t be taken completely seriously. That’s the point, games are meant to be for fun. So put that controller down, stand up, and wave your limbs around in a seemingly random fashion!

Check out the video below of some guys taking boxing a little too seriously thanks to Kinect. Because that is also what it provides, funny Youtube videos.

Do you guys have a Kinect? Or have you sworn blood oaths to never go near one? Either way, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

BRB, playing games.

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