What Skyrim race do you choose to play?

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Now that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been out for over two weeks, everyone has had some time to grow accustomed to the various races that are able to be created. Some races don’t vary too much from one another in appearance but the Elven races, the Argonians, the Khajiit, or even the human races of them have certain stat bonuses or special skills that may factor into your decision. Then again, it could just simply be because you would rather play as a cat or a lizard type character than a more human oriented one.

Personally, my class of choice is the Khajiit, though I was a bit taken by surprise by the skills that accompanied his creation. This includes the ability to use claws in hand to hand combat which deal surprisingly large amounts of damage. The skill provides an extra hint of character development which I never thought possible upon my initial start up for the game.

That being said, what Skyrim race do you play? Would you play a race after studying their bonuses and choosing the that best fits your playstyle? Or would you simply choose the one that looked the most unique? Let us know below.

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