Uncharted 3 sells 3.8 million in 24 hours!

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It will come as no surprise that Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception sold a small country worth of copies on it’s very first day of release.

On day one alone 3.8 million units of the game were sold worldwide, making it one of the biggest selling titles of 2011 (within 24 hours of being on sale!). To put this into perspective, Uncharted 2 had sold 4.9 million units by October 2011- two years after it was first released.

Head of Communications at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Nick Caplin had this to say about the game’s astounding success:

“Uncharted 3 is a blockbuster and these incredible sales figures reflect that. Consumers are clearly as eager to play the game as critics were to heap praise upon it, and the team at Naughty Dog deserve this fantastic reception at retail. The Uncharted series, exclusive to PlayStation®3, has redefined the third-person adventure genre and is now one of the leading franchises available.”

It’s an incredible achievement for Sony and the development team at Naughty Dog. Uncharted 3 will probably walk away with multiple game of the year trophies – as well as one for ‘highest ever use of superlatives in critical reception’ – and has already proved it’s worth in sales figures. Uncharted 4 anyone?

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