Supermarket Management goes Kindle

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G5 Entertainment have announced the release of the addictive time management game Supermarket Management on the Amazon Appstore. Supermarket Management has already reached strong popularity on PC, Mac and mobile platforms, so G5 Entertainment is covering the final frontier, Kindle Fire.

You play as Kate, a new college graduate, who is given the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the supermarket business, managing and growing four supermarkets, upgrading staffing, shelving and more. Go around stocking shelves, pushing carts, and weighing produce while making sure that all your customers go home happy with a full cart and a smile.

There are 49 levels, tons of mini-games, and lots of opportunities for upgrades. So there’s only one question left, Kindle Fire owners, can you take the heat of supermarket ownership?

The game is available now for $4.99 – grab it HERE

BRB, playing games.

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