Sidera opens up the sky on iTunes

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Sidera, a game low on graphics and fancy features but high on thinking, is now available on iTunes. The tagline for the game is ‘Before this, everything was easy’, and I have no doubt that it’ll probably live up to at least a part of that.

You play as a supernova, trying to wipe out all the stars and planets from the screen (if you have to explode then so does everyone else!) and each level is cleared after you achieve that. Touching a star or planet surrounding the supernova causes it to explode, forcing it in the opposite direction. Sound easy? Well, you have to use your smarts to make sure that with each explosion you’re setting yourself up right to demolish the rest of the screen. Send yourself in the wrong way and you’ll just be drifting in space.

Confused? Watch the gameplay video below! It won’t clear up too much confusion but it sure will spin you out to see just how many puzzles there are, ripe for the cracking.

Sidera is available on iPad, iPhone and iTouch for only $0.99 – BUY NOW

BRB, playing games.

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