Save data can be reset in Resident Evil: Revelations

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Earlier today Capcom held an event in San Francisco which they called Gamer’s Day. Considering it is Halloween, it is the best time to reveal some scary news as you have already seen. Alongside a few zombie announcements, Capcom also revealed that their upcoming title Resident Evil: Revelations would allow players to wipe their save data if they feel like it.

This news comes after Capcom prevented players from resetting their save data in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D which not only made quite a few consumers angry but also effectively killed off the used market on the title. Another snippet of news revealed is that Capcom does not plan to release any bundled package of Resident Evil: Revelations with the Circle Pad Pro in North America. At least this means that when the title releases on February 7, it won’t be a requirement to enjoy the horror.

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