Rabbids are Alive and Kicking, and taking over your house!

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Mild bewilderment and amused concern are spreading across living rooms today as homes across the world are infested by packs of bizarre bunny like creatures. Although friendly in nature the mysterious creatures are fast becoming a problem, wreaking havoc and stealing women’s underwear.

Freakish rabbit creature expert Professor U.B. Soft – called in to try and contain the spread – had this to say : ‘These creatures are Rabbids, part of the extended family of the Raymanus genus. They are highly flexible and resilient, and possess unlimited amounts of energy. I’ve seen people try everything to get rid of them – stepping on them, slapping them, even talking to them!”

Nothing seems to work for the affected households, who are eventually forced to compete in body building contests,  air guitar duels and various other absurd competitions.

The Rabbids are native speakers of Bwaaah, and seem to enjoy the company of those who possess an Xbox 360 games console and a Kinect sensor. This is the first time that these creatures have ever been associated with the Kinect peripheral, which is being pushed to it’s limits to recognise the movements and voice commands of up to four people simultaneously trying to get rid of the pesky critters.

Professor Soft was kind enough to provide video footage of the Rabbid outbreak, and concerned readers should pay close attention to the video below.

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