PS Vita memory cards priced for North America

Sony PS Vita News

Considering the fact that most games for the PS Vita actually require the ownership of a PS Vita memory card, it comes as a necessity now rather than a simple add-on. The whole thing is, now rather than dropping $249.99 or $299.99 on their Vita model of choice, gamers now need to drop extra money on the memory cards which usually always is a bad thing.

But how much money you ask? Well GameStop has the answer for you as they have just released the prices of each version of the PS Vita memory card, with the 4GB version costing $29.99, 8GB at $44.99, 16GB $69.99 and the 32GB coming in at a whopping $119.99. Simple as that, so best find out what size you are going to need now so you can set aside some of your holiday money to purchase the size you wish to when the Vita is released.

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