Prototype 2 – The Making of New York Zero

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Before Prototype 2 hits shelves next year, developers Radical Entertainment would like to introduce you to NYZ – that’s New York Zero. Leaving the real world New York behind, Prototype 2’s home turf was designed from the ground up, and will come in three distinct areas with their own unique visual, tactical, and gameplay styles.

This post viral world is nothing like the New York of memory, and only fourteen months on from the events of the first game has become divided into Green, Yellow and Red Zones. As you might expect the safest of these is the Green Zone, but that outward sense of normality shouldn’t have you fooled – the developers are promising a more insidious threat here, one hidden behind a facade of normalcy. The Yellow is a highly controlled midway point (where the game begins) and acts as the bridge between the safety of the Green Zone and the danger of the Red.

All three will unlock as the game’s story unfolds, but players will have the freedom to come back to each zone as they see fit. Check out the developer diary below for all the details…

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