Pinball City New York rockets into iTunes

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Another Way 2Play have taken all the awesome things of New York noire, put in some ridiculousness, and then put it into a pinball machine. Or should I say an awesome machine?

As a huge Pinball fan (seriously, I spent so long playing that Windows Space Cadet pinball game when I was younger) I think this is going to be a really fun little app. After all, what is better than an awesomely themed pinball machine?

Featuring a whole range of superbly detailed representations of New York, noire themes, the possibility of up to five simultaneous balls, a secret New York night level, a high-performance physics engine, great sountrack, local rankings, and Game Center. Plus, some great collectable trophies.

Pinball City New York is available for iPhone and iTouch for $1.99 – get it HERE

Pinball City New York is also available for iPad for $3.99 – get it HERE

Check out the totally awesome trailer showing off some of the features and theme you can come to expect from Pinball City New York.

BRB, playing games.

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