Oh, Japan! – #10 Weird Al Japanovic

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Oh, Japan! is a weekly feature in which I chronicle the wierd, wacky and just plain crazy goings on in Japan. Because we all know, Japan is prone to doing things that make us Westerners say “Oh, Japan!”.

We have covered all kinds of weird things on “Oh, Japan!” but never have we delved into the world of Western/Japanese crossovers. This week we have a very weird, Weird Al Yankovic appearance on a Japanese variety show, dating all the way back to 1984.

Unfortunately for Weird Al Yankovic, he doesn’t exactly understand what is going on around him and as you’d expect his appearance results in quite a weird viewing experience. After beating out an hilarious rendition of “Eat it”, Weird Al comes face to face with a giant Lobster who doesn’t particularly seem to be very fond of the weird foreign celebrity in there midst. You can check it out below, there is no doubt you’ll be lost for words besides “Oh, Japan!”

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