New Sonic Generations 3DS trailer shows off some Speedy Gameplay….

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It’s so good to have Sonic back again and while Sonic Generations for consoles was great, the 3DS version is also looking just as superb. Sega recently released a new trailer (in Japanese) for Sonic’s debut on the 3D handheld, and if this footage is any indication, this may be the best Sonic title yet to hit a portable.

Much like all great things in life, this clip starts off with the tunes from “City Escape” and displays nearly all the stages in the game with the blue blur speeding along at a rapid pace. With the recent releases of Super Mario 3D Land, Cave Story, and now Sonic Generations set to hit shelves as soon as next week, it’s certainly a great time to be a 3DS owner. Check out the lightning fast clip below and stay tuned, as our very own review for this version is soon to come.

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