NBA 2K12 Gameplay Patch Released

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2K Sports have released the first patch for NBA 2k12, aiming to amend issues in various areas of the game, including offline and online. The servers have been the victim of a lot of criticism since the release, and this patch is hoping to alleviate some of those flaws.

In terms of gameplay, on-dribbler steal success rates have been turned down, accuracy has been improved for directional passing to make it more reliable, and help defense has been improved, specifically in relation to rotations and pick-and-roll situations. In addition to these, the success of contested 3PT shots has been adjusted, as well as double team issues which were affecting drives to the basket.

For online, matchmaking optimisations have been made as a way of helping users get into games quicker and reducing the time needed to search for an opponent. 2K sports have also addressed a number of network errors which caused games to end prematurely, as well as issues in Team-Up where players would be left standing idle. Finally, the patch has also corrected the win/lost streak tracking issue, allowing the “Back to Back to Back” achievement to be unlocked appropriately.

The patch is available now for PS3 and will be available shortly for Xbox 360.

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