Modern Warfare retail copies flooding ebay stores

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With all the hype surrounding the impending release of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3, it just wouldn’t be complete without a bit of controversy and fluff ups. According to many rumours that have begun circling, some Kmart stores in the US had broken embargo and been selling copies of the Xbox 360 version of the game, way before its release. While the actions were not intentional, many of the copies have apparently found their way to EBay, selling for hugely inflated prices.

According to Joystiq, there is still one listing available at the time of print, with proof of purchase shown in the form of an original Kmart receipt. A quick check on EBay US showed many copies available, with most selling after the release date but there were many selling for price tags of $200 and over with express shipping.

In relation to the consequences of playing the game early, Stephen Toulouse, Microsofts Xbox Live main man, has stated via his Twitter that although originally there were plans to ban accounts, no action will be taken but does urge everybody to wait until the release to play against others.

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  • Claire Phillips

    It seems that game retailers have forgotten about release dates this month! This is the third title that this has happened with, I do wonder if K-mart/EB games gets into trouble for this from the publishers…

  • Anonymous

    i know how hard can it be to keep them locked up by someone responsible until the release then get it out

  • Cellophane Girl

    I think there are some K-marts and maybe other stores in my area that are selling this as well as Skyrim early. My friend got both 2 days ago.

    I heard something to the effect that with Modern Warfare there was a typo on the release dates that some or possibly all stores got, and that’s why so many of the stores started selling them early.

    As far as breaking street date goes, I believe the standard is if a store breaks street date they have to pay a huge fine. I’m not sure if it’s a per copy basis or just one set fine. Which for a big seller like Modern Warfare the fine could be small enough that the places don’t care because they know they will sell a crap-ton of copies by being the first to have it available.

    Usually once one place breaks the street date the publishers just tell the other companies to “go ahead and sell the games once you get them in”. Since in the long run it hurts the other stores that chose to play by the rules and keep the street date.

    I really hope these are over-sites and it was a typo that lead to the early release. Breaking street dates to sell more copies is pretty low. If I were a publisher and a company kept repeatedly breaking street dates, I’d refuse to let them sell my games anymore.

  • Cellophane Girl

    Also, I understand the excitement to get your hands on a game you’ve been waiting for. However I don’t understand paying extra just to get it a few days early. Be patient people!

  • Darren Resnekov

    apparently one copy sold for $1725 and i saw a hardened edition for over $1100
    some people have more money than sense

    • Cellophane Girl

      People are idiots.
      If I had that kind of cash to drop on a game I’d wait till it came out, bought it at regular retail price and then buy 17 more BRAND NEW GAMES with it.

      (actually I’d probably buy a bunch of older games that the price had dropped on as well as some used games, so I would be getting a crap-ton of games)

      SHEESH! I could buy a PS3, a 3DS and a Kinect with that money.

      Thinking about that makes me ill.

    • lol did someone seriously pay $1725 for a copy of MW3??

      • Cellophane Girl

        Sounds like someone has severe drain bamage.

        That is just a stupid amount to play for a game. It’s not like it’s a super rare game. It’s just for the privilege to get to play it a little early. After it comes out no one is going to know you got a copy early.

        It’s like being a video game hipster. “I played that game before it was even released.”

        I don’t understand it at ALL.

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