Mass Effect 3 Beta Gameplay Trailer

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You may or may not have heard that late last week the Mass Effect 3 Beta was accidentally leaked to certain Xbox Live accounts and in the ensuing chaos shaky cam footage and screenshots hit the internet. So to spare your eyes the horror, Bioware have released a trailer showing off most of the moments from the beta in pleasantly clear footage.

A Bioware representative has since come out and said the accidental release was due to “human error” on the part of someone over at Microsoft. The internal beta was accidentally flagged for release to those who had signed up for the new Xbox Live Dashboard beta.

Aside from containing both singleplayer and multiplayer, the beta revealed new options players could choose at the start of the game: “Action Mode”, “Story Mode”, and “RPG mode”. Action Mode would streamline conversations, cutting out most decision making, and focus on the shooting, Story Mode would make the combat far easier and allow full decision making, and RPG Mode is the best of the both – the classic Mass Effect experience we’ve come to know and love.

Check out the video below, be forewarned, there are some light spoilers, and do bear in mind that the game is unfinished. As you’ll probably be able to tell when certain sounds aren’t working, bodies fly through the air, and placeholder voices are used.

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