Hawken – Mech Combat With A Deathmatch Feel

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Did you ever wish that Mechwarrior was a lot more fast-paced? Or how about a mech-game where the robots didn’t look as elegant as a Gundam but still handled similarly? Your wishes may have been answered with the upcoming title from Adhesive Games, Hawken.

Hawken is a mech-combat game built on Epic’s Unreal Engine, and as such, is a very pretty and very fluid game. From the trailers and screenshots released for this game presently, we can tell that it is going to be an incredible amount of fun to play and experience.

The level design and layouts are reminiscent of some more serious sci-fi stories, like Appleseed,  and also look like they’ve been set-out with a competitive game in mind. So tight corners, open spaces, strategic positions and etc. Mech combat and FPS’ fans are going to love this game.

I have embedded the latest trailer below and would love to hear your thoughts on the title. Be sure to check out the official website for more info.

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