Google loves Starfox!

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Hey, are you bored or have a few minutes to spare in between coffee breaks at work? Then why don’t you do some web browsing! However, don’t just mindlessly browse inappropriate Mario images. Type in “do a barrel roll” and you will experience pure awesomeness. In addition, you could also type in “z or r twice” and get the same result. This is undoubtedly the best Google Easter Egg yet. Hopefully they continue to deliver these sublime experiences. Keep in mind that you must load up the actual to get the desired result. For more Google fun, visit this link.

  • Cellophane Girl

    I did it yesterday I think. It was pretty cool.
    I love google’s eastereggs. They do the best stuff.

    The best one was when you Typed in “Chuck Norris” it used to bring up a cool page. It dosen’t do it anymore apparently because I tried it and it just did regular results.

    But this page is exactly what is used to say…

    THAT was the best easter egg on Google. This one is awesome too though.

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