EA provides Battlefield 1943 vouchers for PS3 purchase of Battlefield 3 in lieu of lawsuit

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When Battlefield 3 was released it was quickly found out that EA had decided not to include a promised free digital copy of Battlefield 1943 in the PlayStation 3 version of the title despite promising to do so back at E3. The company never revealed that information and only quietly mentioned it on Twitter after Battlefield 3’s release. Because of this, a group of angry consumers got together and set up a class action suit that would hold EA responsible for false advertising.

In a way to avoid the lawsuit, EA has set up this website to obtain a 1943 voucher. The vouchers will begin being released on November 26 in Europe, December 10 in North America and December 17 in Japan. It is good to see that companies, even ones as large as EA, can be held liable for breaking their word, though it is sad that legal action and threats had to be made for the company to follow through with their promises.

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