Corpse Party’s new Halloween trailer brings the fear

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It has been a little bit since XSEED Games revealed that they would be localizing a unique title for the PlayStation Portable. That unique title was Corpse Party, a horror game that uses 2D sprites for visuals and looked like it would be an actual terrifying experience. Well yesterday for Halloween XSEED decided that they should take advantage of the holiday and release a new trailer for Corpse Party which you can see below.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this game will scare the hell out of most people. The story of Corpse Party follows a group of Kisaragi Academy High School students who are trapped in an elementary school full of the tortured souls of children who have died in the past. Some so recently that they may only have been dead for a couple of days… Corpse Party is aiming to be released on the PlayStation Store in November.

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