Bethesda gives us a peak at the making of Skyrim

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With such a massive undertaking that was the creation of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, it only comes to reason that the developers would want to give us a little bit of a peak at what they had to do to create the title. Of course those who purchase the Collector’s Edition of Skyrim will be able to see the full documentary which is named ‘Behind the Wall: The Making of Skyrim’

Until the title comes out in ten days however, Bethesda has released a few minutes of the documentary in the below trailer. In it we see interviews with a number of the Bethesda Game Studios team as well as plenty of behind-the-scenes footage and gameplay. Perhaps now is the time to run out to your video game retailer of choice and drop some money on a pre-order because November 11th is coming fast.

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