Ace Combat DLC is Tekkenized

Xbox 360 Simulation Shooter Playstation 3 Bandai Namco

Namco Bandai has just revealed new DLC for the newest Ace Combat. The DLC includes new aircraft skins, including the awesome Tekken one pictured above, and the Su-35 “Tekken” Collaboration Aircraft. All of it costs $4.99 or 400 Microsoft Points.

According to Namco, the Su-35 is specifically designed for close quarters combat, although it can function at long range as well. ‘The Su-35 Flanker-E is a master aircraft that boasts menacing turning performance [and is] a “Flanker” series aircraft possessing top class air battle fighting ability and equipped with an independent, two-dimensional thrust deflection nozzle. The NATO codename for it is “Flanker-E.”‘

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