Xbox 360 and Kinect holiday bundles announced

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If you’re looking to upgrade your Xbox 360 or jump to Microsofts’s console anytime soon, hold out for another week! Xbox supremo/blogger Major Nelson has just announced some Xbox and Kinect holiday bundles that should catch your eye whether you’re after a family purchase or a more selfish gaming one. I’m not sure what holidays start at the end of October (does Halloween count?) , but we’ll let that slide…

In Australia the following bundles will be available from October 27:

$499  250GB Kinect Holiday Value Bundle – includes Kinect Adventures, Carnival Games: In Action, and a 3 month Xbox Live Gold Subscription

$449 250GB Standalone Xbox Holiday Value Bundle  – includes Halo Reach and Fable 3, and a 3 month Xbox Live Gold Subscription

Given that a 250GB console will usually set you back around $400 both bundles are a pretty good buy. Readers in the US will be treated to similar fare, with the same deals coming in at $399 and  $299  respectively. Happy Halloween/Christmas/Easter/Xbox 360 day? Who knows!

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