Warehouse 13 and Eureka stars to come to Australia

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Sci-fi hit shows Warehouse 13 and Eureka are set to hit Australia in a big way.  “A Warehouse in Eureka!”  is presented by The Hub Productions, an organisation that strives to provide opportunities for fans to meet actors, artists and behind the scenes stars from popular TV shows, movies and comics. The event will feature four main cast members of the two shows on stage with Q&As, and auctions, raffles and trivia. Plus merchandise for you big fans out there.

The dates for the event are Saturday 29th October in Sydney and Sunday 30th October in Melbourne, both days run from 9am to 6pm, so you are guaranteed to get your Warehouse/Eureka geek fill.

So far the guests stand to be Eddie McClintock (Peter Lattimer), Colin Ferguson (Jack Carter), Neil Grayston (Douglas Fargo) and Niall Matter (Zane Donovan). It’s a fairly Eureka-heavy list, but that’s probably due to Eureka running for longer. Stay tuned for any changes to the guest list or new announcements, we’ll keep you updated as they happen.  Remember this will be your only opportunity to see the stars whilst they’re in Australia

There are three different types of tickets, day ($80), VIP ($500) and Platinum ($850). The day ones get you in for the whole day, VIP gets you into an evening function with the guests, seating in the front few rows (behind the Platinum-ers), priority queueing, an autograph from each guest and photographs. Platinum ticket holders get the same as VIP, with higher priority, a breakfast with the guests, and a professional photograph with all the guests.

Don’t have the dosh but still really want to get into the event? No worries, Capsule’s got you covered. We’ll be running a competition to give away a double pass to the Sydney event! (Winners will have to pay for their own travel and accommodation if they’re not in Sydney). Just make sure to keep your eyes peeled on the site for more information.

For booking and event information visit the Hub Productions website. or call +612 9874-7171 (AU Number)

So come on all you Warehouse 13 and Eureka fans, lets hear your thoughts, whether they be coherent and well-formed or just a general SQUEE!

BRB, playing games.

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