Sega Bass Fishing & Space Channel 5: Part 2 Now Available on the XBLA & PSN!

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If you happened to have missed out on the Sega Dreamcast Collection earlier this year, you will be happy to know that both Sega Bass Fishing and Space Channel: 5 Part 2 are now available on both the Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. As many of you should know, Space Channel: 5 Part 2 is a rhythm action game that seen first life in Japan and was later ported to the Playstation 2 while Sega Bass Fishing went down as one of the best fishing titles of all time during the Dreamcast era. After spending a ton of time with both, I can say these two classics feel as timeless as ever and look great in their shiny HD formats.

Each title is available for $9.99/800 Microsoft points, but those who are wanting both might also want to look into that Dreamcast Collection that comes bundled with Crazy Taxi and Sonic Adventure (which is a much better value as a whole). You can check out our review for the entire package by following this link.

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