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As all 3DS owners should now be aware of, there is a Pokedex application for players to enjoy at their leisure. While not all that exctiting in itself, the Pokedex application did expand the capabilities of the 3DS and create an evnironment in which players could collect different Pokemon and trade them with their friends over QR code or Infra-red communications.

The update to the program, can be applied by clicking on the gear icon on the top right and scrolling to the bottom and hitting the update button. This update includes many new features, such as –

The update includes several new buttons that you can use when inside various Pokédex 3D functions. When you’re checking out a Pokémon’s action in its Pokédex entry, you can hit the Pause button to stop the Pokémon mid-motion. You can also use the Stopwatch button to freeze a Pokémon in place in the AR Viewer and the Note button to hear a Pokémon’s cry!

There’s also a new AR Settings menu you can access inside the AR Viewer. With Scale Settings, you can switch between two modes: Model Mode, which lets you scale a Pokémon to make it easier to see, and Actual Mode, which
lets you see how Pokémon look relative to each other. Background Settings let you choose a photo from an SD Card to use as the background of the AR Viewer for use with Pokémon AR Markers. Select any photo you want, and you’ll see a Pokémon on top of it!

So be sure to get your Pokedex application updated at once.

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