Nintendo releasing new DSi XL Bundles with Mini-Land Mayhem…

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With the recent release of the metallic rose DSiXL, Nintendo have been pretty focused on keeping the DS alive. It has now been announced that two new DSiXL bundles will be hitting shelves this holiday season, and they will be bundled with last year’s blockbuster title, Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem. These two sets will be made up out the Midnight Blue and Metallic Rose colors, and will be priced at $169.99, making the game absolutely free to those who snag it up.

Mini-Land Mayhem is a perfect choice for the set, as Nintendo have been holding weekly challenges since it’s release and will continue doing so this week with a new challenge this week involving “Crumble Blocks”. Those who have been craving a DSiXL can pick up one of these bundles when they are released on November 6th, which should make for this years choice stocking stuffer.

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