Nintendo 3DS ‘Coral Pink’ and ‘Ice White’ color bundles announced for Europe and Australia

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Remember back when Nintendo announced a pink and white version of their 3D hand held hand only announced it for Japan? Well now it seems that those living in Europe and Australia will soon be able to pick up a Nintendo 3DS in these colors as well, as Nintendo of Europe announced that these two color schemes, Coral Pink and Ice White will be available this holiday season.

The two versions of the 3DS will come with a bundled game, with the Coral Pink 3DS arriving with Nintendogs + Cats and the Ice White color coming with the much more interesting and brand new Super Mario 3D Land. Seems like Nintendo feels that the girlish pink 3DS deserves a cutesy animal game. These bundles will be available on November 18th, but those looking to purchase the Nintendo 3DS outside of the bundle in these colors will have to wait until sometime in December.

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