Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Confirmed!

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Casey Hudson, Excecutive Producer on Mass Effect 3, has today confirmed that the game will feature co-op multiplayer missions. There has been strong speculation about this since a South African games retailer released a promotional flyer that unofficially let the cat out of the bag, and it’s safe to say that there’s been a bit of apprehension over the idea! The fanbase’s feelings are  something the developers are obviously aware of, as you can see from the Tweet below:

So it’s definitely happening – collective sigh of relief that it’s co-op in 3…2…1…*breathe*

Of course there’s now a huge pile of questions to be answered and no doubt there will still be negative reactions to the whole thing. Will the single player suffer because the developers had to devote time to co-op? Will there be co-op achievments? What characters will be playable? Local or online only? Can I be Garrus?!

The general message from Bioware seems to be this: wait until you have all the details before you judge. Putting aside the internet’s ability to be patient and not post  OMG ME3 WILL BE *#@** COZ OF MULTIPLAYER type comments everywhere,  Wednesday will bring the release of more information, but for now – what do you think?

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