Lego Lancer is awesome!

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So you managed to put together 1,000 Lego pieces to create a Death Star, using instructions that Lego provided. You got nothin’. Plum Brothers have created a 1:1 scale Lancer that can shoot rubber bands. In addition, the rubber bands can be loaded into working clips. Plus, there is a safety feature. And finally, there is an option to use burst fire or single fire mode.

Oh and one more thing. The freakin’ chainsaw WORKS!

If this Lego creation doesn’t blow some minds, we don’t know what will. Lego better snap these guys up as master Lego Builders.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    When I first saw this the other day I was in complete awe over how awesome this is.
    I am still in awe. This is just crazy cool.

    I do wonder if they had to buy a bunch of lego kits to get all the parts, or if they live somewhere where they can get to a lego store and just buy individual pieces.

    I would so make this if they put up instructions and I could get all the pieces easily. Of course I’d have to paint it with blood splatters. 😉

    • HAHA. I would SO need instructions. that would be awesome if they posted some online. 😀

      • Cellophane Girl

        Well we can only hope someone will post instructions for it, and exactly what pieces are needed.

        It would be so cool to make!!

  • Mate that’s one of the most amazing Lego creations i’ve ever seen. I wonder if its for sale !! I want that so bad !!!

    • I know. I want it too. I will fight you for it!

    • Cellophane Girl

      I wouldn’t want to buy it.. well maybe a KIT to make it.

      But I think half the fun would be putting it together.

  • i want 1. And this is for my 3500 point

    • Nicely done sir! Make sure to email our administrator to get your prize if you want to redeem!

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