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Eureka and Warehouse 13 fans this is for you!

Master Abbott, Darren, Linkage and I (Jess B) got a chance to sit down with Eureka and Warehouse 13 stars Eddie McClintock and Colin Ferguson and ask them a few questions. It kicked off with Eddie McClintock’s first Vegemite experience (unfortunately not captured on camera), and got to chat about their shows and unconventional PDA action. Hanging out with Eddie and Colin wasn’t what you’d expect from the stars of two successful Sci-Fi shows, they spent most of the time riffing off each other, and being generally hilarious.

Check out the interview below showing some of the funny that is Eddie and Colin. Unfortunately we only got to record 15 mins of the interview, they really were amazing guys and chatting to them (even for a short time) was awesome.

We also got to grab some photos with the guys, just to make all of you super jealous! Check out the gallery below and feel the envy!

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BRB, playing games.

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