Haganai stream date set by FUNimation

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In case Haganai doesn’t sound familiar to you, perhaps the name Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai will sound a bit better. The series can also be translated into I Don’t Have Many Friends, though FUNimation’s planning on streaming the series under the name Haganai, which they announced their ownership of the rights at New York Comic Con.

FUNimation plans on beginning the stream on 12:30AM this Friday, where they will place two episodes up on the FUNimation website here with a new episode every Friday thereafter. Haganai follows Kodaka Hasegawa, a half Japanese half American with dirty blond hair that has trouble making friends due to people believing he is a Yankee. He meets a loner named Yozora who ends up revealing to him that she has no friends but wishes to find some. In an effort to recruit friends, they form a club and slowly begin to gather up a strange batch of members all just as lonely as them.

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