Gamble and look for some Hope in latest FFXIII-2 screenshots

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Today Square Enix decided to release a small handful of screenshots to try and keep people satisfied until Final Fantasy XIII-2 is released next year. Now there are only four images which you can see below, but two of them focus on the now much older and less whiny Hope. Below you can see his full character artwork as well as some cutscene footage.

Besides this we are also treated to an image of a city of sorts, as well as a slot machine which means you can spend all of your hard earned money in a casino just like in real life! Final Fantasy XIII-2 is still set for release on January 31st in North America and February 3rd elsewhere.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    Hope certainly looks much more sophisticated and cooler in this game. I have GOT to finish the first game so I can get this one.
    I’m usually pretty against direct sequels on Final Fantasy games, but it seems like they are handling this one well. It looks like it will be better than the first.

    And the environments and characters look gorgeous as usual.

    Yeah I’m starting to get excited for this when I haven’t finished the first one. I’m so strange.

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