FUNimation releases trailers for Rosario + Vampire dub along with final release date

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Those eager to see more of their favorite demon filled school will be glad to know that not only has FUNimation finally nailed down a release date for Rosario + Vampire but they have also released three trailers for the English dub which can be seen below. The first trailer you can see below introduces us to the main heroine, Moka who is a vampire with a literal split personality once her rosary comes off.

Besides that we are also treated to a trailer for Rosario + Vampire Capu2, which was a second season for the show released in Japan and is being released on the same day as the first season on December 20th. This means that everyone will be able to experience the harem anime consisting of a succubus, a childish witch and an ice cold stalker before the year is up. Of course you can pre-order season 1 and Capu2 now if you feel like it.


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