Final Fantasy XIV Producers Live Conference

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The producer of the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV is going to be doing a live speech on Youtube concenring the title. The speech is believed to be about the upcoming patch 1.19 and other Final Fantasy XIV related queries.

So be sure to keep an eye on this link and the embedded video below for the live speech.

From Wikipedia –

Eorzea’s nations used to be constantly at war with each other until fifteen years ago when the Garlean Empire, a mysterious nation from the east, razed the mightiest of the city-states, Ala Mhigo. The nations decided to band together if they were to repel the invaders, but the Empire never came, leaving a state of détente throughout the land. The resulting peace has led to a wide swath of soldiers and mercenaries suddenly without a job, and so they are now forming guilds and going by a new name: adventurers.

The video is scheduled to start in approximately 30mins (at the time of writing). The current time in the US is 4:27Am so that makes the video start at approxzimately 4:50AM PST.

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