Attention gamers everywhere! Capsule Computers is putting on a contest to win a free copy of Dungeon Defenders! This Xbox Live Arcade title is a tower defense RPG that is addictive beyond belief. Customization is a huge factor and provides extended gameplay not only for campaign but also for the online/local multiplayer. Join with players online, or play with up to 3 friends at home.

Do not miss out on this incredible chance. Details are as follows:

  • Contestants must sign up with Capsule Computers and have a valid email address.
  • Contestants will automatically be entered by commenting on the Dungeon Defenders review.
  • Contest will end on October 30th.

To enter the contest, comment on the Dungeon Defenders review (HERE).

Love video games enough to go to school for it!
  • NXTHollywood

    Trying to register no luck what is happening? ERROR: Image Validation does not match.

    email me with provide email above

  • @BomberMerc

    NXTHollywood is right. The captcha is broken, methinks, and I can’t sign up. Thanks for the contest, though.

    • Its fixed .. captcha has been disabled while we work on a way to fix it. You can now registerer without any issues. Enjoy the Competition

  • I have read the review and I think it’s fantastic, I like it how the writer has put some strong points about the game and some negative which I think is very effective when reading the review. Thank You Mark.

  • iMathewM

    I signed up FINALLY!!
    Anyways thanks a lot for this contest!! I tweeted this and you’ll have a couple more dozen people joining this contest!!

  • Frank

    No way that awesome I been wanting this game. It looks really fun.

  • steve h.

    may the gods of internet giveaways smile upone me.

  • Carro

    Ahh don’t keep us on the stretch bench. The excitement is to great, just announce the winner already 😀 Can’t wait.

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