Blizzard auctioning off server blades for children’s charity

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If you are a die hard fan of World of Warcraft or even just want to help support some charities then Blizzard has something for you to keep an eye on. Blizzard will be auctioning off 2,000 server blades which used to house everything in the entire MMO world of World of Warcraft. This means that if you purchase one of these blades, you’ll end up owning hundreds of thousands of hours of time that people used to spend playing on it virtually.

All the money that is raised through the auctions will go to support St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. If you like you can also bid towards specific realm blades so you could potentially own a blade your own character used to exist on digitally. Each blade is going to be in a windowed case with the WoW logo. The auctions will start on eBay on October 17th so best get your money ready.

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