Battlefield 3 Presentation with Lars Gustavsson

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Yesterday EA and DICE held a hands-on experience for members of the press in which a few of us at Capsule Computers got the chance to experience the game first hand. To kick things off, Creative Director of DICE, Lars Gustavsson addressed us all with an insightful presentation of which you can see below.

“We’re looking best in class, or at least close to it!” Gustavsson told us with pride, and nothing could be further from the truth but everybody already knew that. With Battlefield 3’s launch only weeks away and now with the BETA closed, we’ve all seen quite a bit of what Battlefield 3 has had to offer, but with so many features in one game it can be hard to take them all in. But Gustavsson broke it all down to the basics to remind us why we should all be excited for Battlefield 3:The Battlelog which focuses on the social elements like no other FPS has before and the Frostbite 2 engine which has made the Battlefield experience greater in 5 separate ways-animation, tactical destruction, scale, rendering and audio.

Gustavsson knows that technology isn’t everything though. “Too be honest you don’t really play an engine don’t you, you play a game.” he said, and assured us that by using Frostbite 2, DICE have been constantly pushing themselves to improve to make the greatest game possible. “We want to do more, we want to do better” he said, and it was clear that both himself and DICE were very passionate about their product. For more details, watch the presentation below!

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