Batman: Arkham City buyers encountering issues with Catwoman codes

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What’s that? You want to play as your little cat instead of a bat? Well good luck to you, because in a bizarre twist of bad press, Warner Bros. has encountered severe problems with their version of the Online Pass for Batman: Arkham City. Various reports have shown up online from consumers saying that they have encountered a number of issues with the code that they were supposed to enter to unlock Catwoman in the main game.

The reports range from consumers receiving more than one code, though those are the lucky ones, no downloadable code slip being included at all and even a few people saying that their slip has no code on it whatsoever. Warner Bros. is scrambling to fix the issue, but this only goes to show that Online Passes are just a pathetic punishment to consumers that only cause trouble, especially considering the very first mission you play in Batman: Arkham City is as Catwoman.

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