Balloon Fight GB coming to Japan’s eShop…

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Earlier this year, Nintendo Ambassadors were treated to 10 original Nintendo titles for early adoption of the handheld, with one of those being Balloon Fight. Those who can’t get enough of the classic will be happy to know that Balloon Fight GB, the remake of “Balloon Kid” (which was only released for the Game Boy in North America and Europe), is now ready to grace the Japanese eShop on October 19th.

This title marks the third Game Boy Color title on the service and as of now, it only seems to be destined for a Japanese release. We did see Twinbee hit the US’ eShop though and that never originally released outside Japan, so we very well could see this little gem grace the Virtual Console sometime down the road.

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  • Torchickens

    It would be awesome if Balloon Fight GB hit overseas! It is an enhanced version of Balloon Kid with a save battery, world map, full colour, etc.

    I loved the original Balloon Kid, but Balloon Fight GB is pretty expensive and rare outside of Yahoo Auctions Japan given that it was only distributed for download via the now defunct Nintendo Power cartridge service (and possibly cartridge, but I’m unsure).

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