Skullgirls delayed until early 2012

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If you were hoping to be playing the downloadable only fighter Skullgirls before the end of this year then you will be out of luck. Reverge Labs has announced earlier today on the game’s official website that the title has been pushed back to a launch in early 2012. The reason for this delay according to the developer is to polish a number of the game’s features from the feedback they receive when showing the game off at expos over the past year.

Peter Bartholow, the Designer/Producer/Community Manager at Reverge Labs said that “Some companies call this ‘feature creep,’ but we call it the extra polish that takes a game from ‘good’ to ‘great.'” It is always good to see a game get that extra player of polish and take feedback to heart. Some updates listed are new effects, 3D backgrounds, more music from Michiru Yamane and of course “innumerable balance and gameplay tweaks.”

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