Jurassic Park: The Game – a new trailer

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List of places to avoid in case they are infested with dinosaurs: portaloo, long grass, kitchens. Not a complete list I think you’ll agree, but those are the ones that the first Jurassic Park movie embedded in my subconscious as a small child(thanks for that Mr Spielberg!). It’s been a while since the reconstructed dinos have appeared on any media format, so before the fourth film appears (in 2 or 3 years time, according to the man himself at Comic Con), Jurassic Park: the Game will have to keep dino fans satisfied.

The newest trailer from Telltale games is packed with T-rexes and Velociraptors, and looks to have nailed the park environment perfectly. If the atmosphere and gameplay are up to the task, it should be a fantastic package for fans of the Jurassic Park universe.

The dino’s will be unleashed on November 15th, with the game available as a download on PS3, PC and Mac, and a full retail release for Xbox 360. Unlike some of Telltale’s other games, this one will be released in full across most platforms, with the iPad the only one set for an episodic release.

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  • Hmmm…. I was really interested in this game, but I don’t like the way they either used all cutscenes for that trailer, or the gameplay will be pureply QTEs. Not a good sign. I’ll probably still play it, I’m just feeling a little cynical.

  • Travis Bruno

    I’m curious as to how this one will play to be honest. Most, actually I think all of TellTale’s games are adventure titles that are sorta point and click. I don’t know how they can make a jurassic park game like that really.

    • Claire Phillips

      That’s true – fleeing from hungry psychotic dinosaurs doesn’t really fit with the genre. But still, interested in how they manage it.

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