Is Final Fantasy X HD More Than An Upgrade?

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When Final Fantasy X HD was announced for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita at Sony’s Pre-TGS Conference, many expected a straight HD upgrade of the game with added trophies, just like the recent collections. However, rumours have been circulating that the game will not be the average port. Instead, the game will be a full remake.

The game will be built on the Crystal Engine, the same engine behind Final Fantasy XIII, with the characters, aeons and stage elements being built from scratch. There will be additional help from the next generation Luminous Engine for lighting and magic. This is the same engine that will be used for Final Fantasy Versus XIII for the same purposes. The engine will also be adapted for the Playstation Vita, meaning that it could look as good as the console counterpart. A Final Fantasy XIII filter will handle the cutscenes.

In terms of gameplay, the core mechanics will be retained. However, Blitzball will be getting minor changes. There is also rumours of online capabilities. There are a few uses for online in this game, including Blitzball. Even a release period has been floating around, rumoured to be in the 2012 fiscal year for Japan (March 2012 – February 2013).

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  • Cellophane Girl

    My question is why are they remaking X?
    Why not VII, VIII or IX?

    Those look FAR more dated than X. I’d LOVE to see VIII in XIII’s graphics. I wouldn’t want them to change anything other than the graphics though. That game was the perfect FF game to me.

    X still looks really good in my opinion. I mean yeah, the graphics obviously don’t look as good as XIII, but I’d rather them go back and re-do the PSone FF’s before they redo the PS2’s FF games.

    I don’t know if it has to do with lisencing issues or something like that since the others were when the company was squaresoft and not square-enix (as far as I can recall anyway). Though I don’t see how that would be a problem. Of course you never know what kind of odd loopholes there are with these things.

    What I’d really love to see is the PSone games re-made in current gen graphics and put out on the 360 and PS3.
    Mostly because I really want to play them and I have yet to get a PS3. Though I will eventually, and if the did put these out as full releases I’d sure as heck sell some stuff to get a PS3 and the games.

    I just really want a FF VIII with updated graphics. :: sighs ::

    • Joshua Spudic

      My guess would be that it is much easier to upgrade this game than the Playstation trilogy. Remember, the only things that are built from scratch with FF X will be characters, aeons and stage elements. With the Playstation games, every element needs to be built from scratch.

      So, to answer your question, Square have already given an answer: it will take too long. When I mean long, I mean ten years. The idea that “patience is a virtue” will be tested for every fan there.

      However, I would not count out a possible remake for another Playstation product…

      • Cellophane Girl

        I know they have basically said they wouldn’t do it.

        But oh man they would sell SO well. It would be worth it. They don’t have to hire writers or anything. Just code the game in the newer engine. Yeah it would be work, but they could do it.

        The fans of the games would eat it up, plus think of all the people who haven’t played these awesome games.

        The potential for sales would be astronomical really.

        I don’t know it seems to me that it would make good fiscal sense. As long as all they do is update the graphics and don’t mess around and change the play style and story.

        I’m torn on if they should make them talk. I think they should leave it alone, or have a text only option at the very least. I know some people hate reading in videogames, but I feel that making these characters talk would be a mistake. Though I guess that’s a moot point right now since they aren’t even thinking about remaking them at this point.

        I’d wait 10 years for a FF VIII remake.

        • Joshua Spudic

          I would too. FF VIII is one of my favourite games in the main series, alongside FF VII and some of the older ones.

          Business wise, you are right. Fans will come in their droves for full remakes of the Playstation games on Playstation 3. However, it will be the same fans that will turn their back on SE if the remakes are not what they want. Fans can be fickle folk.

          However, it is not as simple as re-coding the game into the new engine. SE has to built every element of each game from scratch. That means that every single character, weapon, summon, city/town, even the world itself. When SE wants to remake the Playstation games, I believe they want them to be the same quality as FF Versus XIII. Look how long that is taking, considering that they went into full production a few months ago.

          Nonetheless, I do not suggest it is impossible. As I implied, we may see a remake of FF VII, VIII and IX in the next ten years… just on the Playstation Vita.

          • Cellophane Girl

            Good point. If they are going to do remakes they are going to want to do them well, and that will take lots of time.

            But I can keep hoping and waiting. 🙂

  • blakehu

    We’ll see, we’ll see. 🙂

    • Joshua Spudic

      I’m pretty excited for it, especially the fact that it will be portable.

      Another reason that, when the AU launch comes around, there will be a Vita in my pocket.

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