Drakensang Online – One Million Strong!

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Anyone remember playing the hack and slash action of Diablo 2? Well, Berlin develper Bigpoint delivers a very similar game to your web browser. At first I was thinking this is going to be one hellish download, but Drakensang Online is all queued through your web browser! Sure it make take a little time for loading each new environment, but Bigpoint gives you some awesome 3D environments to look at.

Did I mention that this is just the BETA phase? Recently the developers added their PvP feature while extending quest adventures. At the moment you can only choose two classes: dreamweaver (mage) and dragonknight (melee). The classes are based on a leveling system where you can learn new skills at trainers. Trainers charge you to learn new spells or techniques, but the price is well worth the pay.

If you are excited for Diablo 3’s release, check out this game first! Offering very similar gameplay and game mechanics, Drakensang Online will have you playing for hours.

Check out the in-game trailer below, and join the battle (HERE).

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