Dead Space 3 in the works?

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You know, maybe when you let TV station bring fancy recording cameras to your studio, perhaps it would be the best time to hide things that you don’t want them to see. Or y’know not let game announcements be leaked right from under your own nose. Well it seems Visceral Studios forgot about that, because they let an Israeli TV news station broadcast a video tour of their studio and it seems that the news crew managed to catch a Dead Space 3 logo and sign on the ceiling as found by IGN.

There is of course nothing confirmed at this time and it could always be something that Visceral put up there to tease their fans with but the end of Dead Space 2 did leave things open for a third game, and perhaps it is time to announce that title. Then again EA is not admitting to anything and has denied to make any comments besides saying they have no news about the franchise.

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