Supremacy MMA Trailer Emphasises Killer Moves

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505 Games released a new trailer for Supremacy MMA highlighting the gruesomely exciting nature of the upcoming release, filled with plenty of axe kicks, takedowns and of course broken bones (and faces).

Supremacy MMA takes the pain from the professional sport and magnifies it to a cringe worthy level as you can see from the trailer, yet still keeping a bit of realism with the moves. I can’t help but think this is what a Tyler Durden fight would look like if you threw him in a MMA cage.

Have a look at the video for yourselves and let us know your thoughts. Supremacy MMA comes out at the end of September. I can’t imagine your parents would mind you trying out WWE moves at home if they saw how much more pain you could put your brother through.

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  • ITz Jok3R

    Looks like fun but not sure to get this or wait for UFC undisputed 3 or get both will have to wait and see which one looks better i guess.

  • Marden

    Gotta give credit to 505 games on this one, extremely fun game that I didn’t think would be that fun. I really underrated this game but to be honest I think it competes with the rest of the MMA games (if not its better). I loved how brutal it is, its rated M, there is blood, but that’s how all MMA games should be.

  • Stillwill72

    10 out of 10 STARS! This game is rad. I totally beat my buds all day. Jens Pulver is the man and the two chicks in this game are SAVAGE!!! I’d recommend this game to anybody. Online matches are clean and impressive. I had a couple memorable fights already. Shh don’t tell nobody 😉 This game is way too fun to pass by. Get it asap

  • headlock34

    Game is def something im enjoying. I’d give it an 8/10, online is very fun and earning my way up the leader ranks. Fluid game and great arcade fighter.

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