Skyrim to come on one disc for Xbox 360

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With the amount of detail that has been put into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, many have probably been wondering what this will mean for a certain console. The PlayStation 3’s Blu-ray discs hold an extremely large amount of content, PC versions are installed and mostly downloaded off of Steam, but the Xbox 360 still uses the same type of discs as before, with limited storage space.

This problem has caused some games, like FFXII, Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect 2 to have multiple discs and cause lazy fans to be upset when they have to change discs. But even with all of the content in Skyrim, players won’t have to worry about changing discs because Skyrim will only use one disc on the Xbox 360. This news comes from Bethesda’s art driector Matt Carofano when asked about the disc count at PAX by Ripten.

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  • Cellophane Girl

    I know part of it is because Microsoft had a firmware update to make all of the space on the disc usable.

    But I do wonder if the quality is going to be lower than on the PS3 and PC. I guess time will tell.

    • Joshua Spudic

      Visually, it may suffer, but if the gameplay holds up, then it really doesn’t matter if it is on one, two, three or fifty disks (although that is a stretch).

  • ITz Jok3R

    Well atleast it means no sudden stops in game play due to disc swapping which is a good thing as it is an effort to get up lol.

    • Cellophane Girl

      I know I hate having to walk the 3 feet to my 360 to change a disc.
      I get all out of breath and have to take a nap after I change discs. X]

  • I say use multiple disks and install them to the xbox hard drive. LAZY GAMERS !! Pfffftt … there everywhere.. they’ll get over it when they find out how epic this game truly is they’ll be doing cartwheels and ninja rolls to get to the xbox to swap over the disk to continue on with their quest !!

    • Cellophane Girl

      I don’t see why people complain about changing out discs. Don’t these people play more than one game ever? They have to change discs to do that usually.

      I mean yes, there is a bit of suspension of fantasy when you get the “insert disc 2” prompt. But big deal, you can get right back into your fantasy world quickly if it’s a good game. 🙂

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