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Seriously guys, don’t you have enough cash and fame already without trying to bum more from game studios over pedantic and ridiculous issues. I’m referring to you Adam Levine of Maroon 5, who in an out of character move has filed a law suit against Activision for potential exploitation of his likeness. Levine, who is currently working as a voice coach on NBC’s hit “The Voice”, has been angered by Activisions use of his character within their spin off music title, Band Hero. Despite allowing his bands song “She will be loved” to be used and providing motion capture, Levine still has issues. These arise from his avatar within the game being used to sing over 60 unauthorised songs “which would not have been chosen by him for recordings or performances”.

Honestly, I like Adam Levine despite not being a Maroon 5 fan, but maybe he needs to go back to his magic joint and relax. I’d be honoured if I was even asked to have my likeness portrayed in a game, regardless of song choice. Greed, greed, greed, there’s no other words for it, with Levine even stating he received a lower fee than many of the other artists. Um….maybe it’s because they are better known and more of a draw card. Imagine some lowly extra demanding the same fee George Clooney receives for his films and walking off set when he is laughed at and dismissed. Levine has a multitude of charges filed against Activision for an undisclosed sum of money. I’m not saying Activision didn’t hold any information back, imp not sure, just get over it and move on.

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  • Once people get enough money, they just go crazy.

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    No Doubt did basically the same thing after the game first came out. They only had a problem with one song. I believe the Rolling Stones song in the game. They said something about it being a song with questionable lyrics and Gwen Stefani would not sing a song about prostitution or something like that.
    I mean I can KIND of understand it, but they need to realize that when people play these games as their favorite artist they don’t really believe it’s the artist singing the song.

    I do believe the fuss over this and the fuss that was raised over the same issue regarding Kurt Cobain caused Activision to patch the game so you can only play on disc songs with the celebrity characters. Because then they already should have know what songs were going to be included.

    I know in some cases it’s not about money, it’s about preserving the image that the artist has made for themselves, but like I said, no one really thinks it’s Kurt Cobain up on stage singing a spice girls song.

    I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    This one though makes me think it is more about money since he brought up he wasn’t paid as much, and he’s JUST NOW filing suit. The game has been out for a good while now. If he really had issue with it he should have said something directly after the game came out. Not just now when he thinks he can get more money because he is on a popular show.

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